My name is Ginda Simpson.  I am a painter, a writer, a dreamer of dreams.  I am American by birth, but a citizen of the world by choice. Travel, along with reading, is my favorite way to fulfill my longing to learn from the past as well as from the present, to satisfy my need to discover the world that surrounds me as well as my world within.  And so, I follow where my senses lead me – I feast my eyes on the ever-changing, ever-pleasing scenery, I listen to the silent songs of nature and I find solace. The lively voices of the people stimulate my imagination and their words entertain and instruct me.  I taste the pleasures of their tables and take comfort in the wholesome goodness of the food.  There is nothing like seeing the world from a  Room with a View, whether it be the scene you see when you open the shutters, or the one that you see when you open your heart and soul to learning and let that learning take up residence within.

Hotels have always held a certain fascination for me. Not the ones we stay in because they are close to the airport, or because they are convenient to business meetings one must attend, or the ones that provide a comfortable alternative to your own home while away from home. I am talking about the hotels that offer an altogether different experience, the ones you don’t want to leave. I love hotels whose hospitality has stood the test of time, that have witnessed history, that bring the past into the present. I love hotels that have heart-stopping views and quiet gardens. I love family-owned hotels that have started small and grown famous as a result of hard work and generous hospitality. And I love small hotels that have remained small and intimate, little-known gems. Hotels, when carefully chosen, can turn a special holiday into pure magic. And so, I embarked on a journey to discover what makes each hotel unique and worthy of its repute. My artist’s eye has been ever pleased, charmed, and challenged and my notebook has always been with me. And so, I share with you my travels, to simply enjoy the hotels from afar or to help you choose one for your next holiday.

To preview and order a print copy of my book, Rooms with a View, click on the cover:

Rooms cover

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