A Room without a View

c7The Floating Forest
168 Mount Shadforth Road
Denmark WA 6333 Australia
Email: info@thefloatingforest.com.au
Phone: 08 9848 2784 (+61 8 9848 2784)

For once I am going to write about a “Room without a View.” Total darkness. The view is as black and dense as a starless night sky, so black that it doesn’t matter if my eyes are open or closed. Total silence and total stillness. I am floating in a sea of complete relaxation, content, at peace. All is well.

Such was my first-time experience in a Floating Pod. Wellness begins within ourselves, and although modern medicine has the knowledge and technology to cure us of many ills, there is at times a valid reason to seek alternative, more natural therapies for the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Because I am open to new concepts and pathways to wellness, I agreed to give The Floating Forest a go. At this innovative wellness center in Western Australia, floating simply and most definitely takes one far from the stresses of modern life, easing us into a place of stillness and relaxation, caressing us into a state of well-being that lingers. And that has to be good for us.

The session begins with a shower, then after placing earplugs in my ears, I ease myself into my personal floating pod, where the body-temperature water is saturated with Epsom salts to make it highly buoyant. When I am ready, I close the lid on the pod, blocking out all light and sound. For the first few minutes gentle Zen-like music plays and I can feel myself drifting into a place of calm and sense that my heart rate and breathing are slowing down. Then total silence. At first my mind is filled with thoughts that come and go and I let them be, knowing that as in meditation, they will eventually slow down and I can simply focus on just being… The minutes drift by slowly, but the hour passes way too quickly.

Another shower and some final moments of relaxation with a cup of tea. Ahh!

On the way back home, it makes perfect sense to me to step into the dark one more time, Dark Side Chocolates that is, located at the Denmark Visitor Center. John H. Wade, the best chocolatier in Denmark, brings his wine-making skills and his passion to creating a range of chocolates that could tempt the halo off an angel. I opt for the Salted Caramel, made with the darkest of chocolate. But what about his Australian Bush Flavors? Like Roasted Wattleseed Truffle or Aniseed Myrtle Caramel? Or could you resist a chocolate called Rainforest Pearl Truffle, when described like this: West Australian grown Rainforest Pearl” finger limes made into a delicious puree and topped with a 70% dark chocolate and fresh mango puree ganache. Each truffle is dipped in white couverture and decorated with colored cocoa mass.”

Go for it!  It’s part of your wellness journey.

Dark Side Chocolates
Shop 1 Denmark Visitor Center
73 South Coast Highway
Denmark, Western Australia 6333
Mobile: 0407 984 820

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