A View of Duomo Square in Parma

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati

Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati
Strada al Duomo 7
43100 Parma, ITALY

Positioned in the heart of Parma, the Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati is an elegant building with a venerable history.  It dates back to the 13th century when the building was already part of what was to become the Piazza del Duomo.  In the 15th century it became the property of the noble and illustrious Prati family and later assumed its present name following the joining through marriage of the Marquis Prati family and the Marquis Dalla Rosa family.  In the middle of the 18th century, the palazzo took on its present appearance; the classically elegant façade was further embellished with the rich wrought iron balcony we see today and the arches of the courtyard were added. 

The recent restoration of the building transformed a large part of the palazzo, which is still residence to the Dalla Rosa Prati family heirs, into a series of grand suites.  In addition to beautifully appointed bedrooms and spacious bathrooms, each accommodation has the added convenience of a small kitchen for those who wish to prepare small meals during their stay.  And although I can’t imagine not dining out while in Parma, it was nice to have this available for the preparation of a simple snack, a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Ours was the ultimate “Room with a View” as we overlooked the Duomo Square with a spectacular vista of both the Cathedral and the Baptistery.  Beneath our window, cafés, sophisticated shops, galleries, a bookstore and a fragrant bakery flank the Strada al Duomo.   Plus there are the many unexpected pleasures so generously scattered throughout the rest of the pedestrian center of Parma.  An evening at the opera is easy; the magnificent Teatro Regio is a short stroll away.  At the Palazzo, your home away from home, Vittorio Dalla Rosa Prati cares deeply about the guests who stay in his home and likes to help them create tailored holidays in his beloved city and its surrounds. 

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