Gnocchi from Heaven – at the Taverna dei Consoli

Via della Fortezza, 1
Piazza del Comune
Owner: Maria Rosa Tiradossi


Taverna dei Consoli is a restaurant in the heart of Assisi that has been satisfying folks since 1936.  When Maria Rosa, the current owner, inherited the family ristorante founded by her maternal grandmother, she inherited more than a business – she took over the willingness to work hard and pursue with unrelenting passion, like her family before her, their  love for Umbria and its cuisine.  Her husband, Moreno, offers equal amounts of hard work and dedication.  He contributes an amicable presence in the dining room, seeing to his guests personally, proudly explaining the Umbrian specialties they serve and his part in creating some of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe menu offers almost exclusively Umbrian cuisine, pure and simple.  One of the three exceptions is Moreno’s signature gnocchi made with gorgonzola – a non-Umbrian cheese – and local truffles.  We start with this dish.  These potato gnocchi are light and fluffy, the creamy sauce delicate and the added truffles, divine.  My daughter and I agree.  The gnocchi have simply fallen from the heavens onto our plates!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATagliata of tender beef with porcini mushrooms are accompanied by a tangy salad of fennel “slaw” with pecorino cheese and a bright radicchio salad with walnuts, pecorino and balsamic.  A perfect marriage, as they would say here in Italy. 

We shamefully indulge in a shared dessert of puff pastry with Chantilly cream and dark chocolate. The sunshine warms our shoulders on the outdoor terrace on this late October afternoon inviting us to linger.   As if good food were not enough OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAreason to choose this popular Assisi restaurant, its location is ideal.  Overlooking the Piazza del Comune, in the heart of the city, one gets a view of rooftops and balconies, potted geraniums and colorful flags.  No background music is necessary.  The murmur of voices and the trickling waters of the central fountain below are the only concert one needs to feel content.


Maria Rosa & Moreno

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