Rest and Relaxation at Hotel Posta Marcucci

2003c Hotel Posta Marcucci

Hotel Posta Marcucci
original watercolor – copyright Ginda Simpson

Hotel Posta Marcucci
Bagno Vignoni (Siena)

For those in quest of rest and relaxation, the Hotel Posta Marcucci offers unparalleled hospitality. The Marcucci family have been inhabitants of Bagno Vignoni since the 1700’s, a claim made that much more meaningful by the fact that the population of the town is only 36!

In the 1800’s, the Marcucci family operated a small inn with ten rooms and a tiny store. Then in the 1950’s, Grandpa Marcucci dug up his vineyard and began construction of what is now the main hotel. Grandma’s cooking drew guests from the area and eventually from afar. It was Aunt Licia’s idea to create the swimming pool using the mildly sulfurous geothermal waters of Bagno Vignoni. The large pool was dug from the hillside and has always been a major attraction of their hotel. Guests can swim in the comforting waters, bask in the warmth of the sun and look out over a captivating landscape, a magic potion of beauty and silence that heals the soul. And because the waters are warm, swimmers indulge during the winter months even when snow blankets the land.

There are now ten suites and 25 double rooms, spacious lounges filled with cherished family furnishings and artwork, a panoramic restaurant, and a terrace where breakfast is served in the summer. Recently, The Water Rooms have been added, bringing the thermal waters into a smaller pool inside the building. A Jacuzzi, a sauna and a Turkish bath complete this complex where various types of massage are offered. Dedicated to making his guests feel at home, in his home, Riccardo is pleased that many return year after year.

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