Villa Maria – a heavenly perch on the Amalfi Coast

2006c Villa MariaVilla Maria
Via S. Chiara, 2
84010 Ravello (SA)

The Amalfi Coastal road offers unforgettable views of the sea, and reaching Ravello’s mountain perch is well worth the drive upwards.  What other way is there to reach Paradise?  A stay at Villa Maria is indeed heavenly.  Villa Maria is situated in the historical part of Ravello, an easy walk from the main square.  Vincenzo Palumbo, the villa’s owner, represents the third generation of his family to work in the hotel business.  He purchased this liberty-style villa over thirty-five years ago and devotedly restored it to accommodate guests in its 27 rooms, successfully renovating bedrooms and living rooms that have maintained the feel of a private home. 

From the moment we arrived at Villa Maria’s gate, we were welcomed and made to feel at home by the friendly personnel.  The rooms are beautifully decorated, the views stunning, and the food excellent.   In fact, much of what is used in their kitchen is grown nearby in a graceful, terraced garden where the produce is selected and picked each day for the chefs.   This, coupled with the culinary skills of their chefs, has earned their restaurant the Gambero Rosso award in recognition of its cuisine. Villa Maria is listed among the top 365 restaurants in all of Italy.  

My husband and I spent two quiet, winter days here when flowers and town activities were still dormant, and yet everything seemed to whisper the promise of the warm, flowery days ahead.  Sitting on our balcony, with a view of the sea, I found myself dreaming of what the spring and summer in Ravello must be like.

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