Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam

Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam original watercolor painting - copyright Ginda Simpson

Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam                                            original painting – copyright Ginda Simpson

Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam
Sloterkade 65-1
1058 Amsterdam

       This lovely century-old canal house in a quiet residential neighborhood of leafy southwest Amsterdam offers a retreat from the touristy center and a taste of authentic Amsterdam “at home” hospitality.  The house is typical of canal architecture; its slate blue façade with potted daffodils on its balcony sends a welcoming picture to the weary traveler at the end of a long day of sightseeing.  Indeed, this is one of its many special aspects.  The immediate neighborhood boasts no less than fifteen ethnic restaurants, and a sun-drenched café/restaurant on the corner, where neighbors and friends meet and soak up the rays while enjoying a chilled beer or aperitif.   

As with all structures of this type, the stairs are steep, but the climb is worth it.  Our suite on the uppermost floor has lovely views onto the canal in front, and garden views to the south.  Tall windows and a large skylight add luminosity and warmth in a spacious suite completely decorated in white – a comfortable sitting room, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, bedroom and full bath.  The only accent color is green, in both the decorative items and the lively foliage of plants. The minimalist décor is soothing and welcome when one’s senses have been saturated with the sights and sounds of this very animated city.  Not another thing is needed.  No detail is overlooked here.  The innkeepers display a genuine and generous sense of hospitality with their many thoughtful gestures – from current wine and chocolates left bedside, to a selection of cereals, teas, coffee, and ginger biscuits for a light breakfast.

Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam is a little distant from the city center, but a thirty-minute stroll through Vondelpark, one of the most beautiful and popular parks of Amsterdam, brings you to the fashion and museum district of the city.  Although there is public transport easily at hand, we chose each morning to meander into the city by way of this vibrant park, through which the local community walks, jogs, and cycles to school and to work.  It is a pleasant way to feel part of the city, if only momentarily. 


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