Dutch cuisine in Old Amsterdam

Restaurant Greetje - WEBRestaurant Greetje
Peperstraat 23-25
1011 TJ Amsterdam

Make a dinner reservation at Greetje’s.  Then meander along the picturesque canals of Amsterdam, east of the Red Light District and Nieumarkt until you arrive at the unpretentious doorway of Restaurant Greetje.  It is a doorway that leads to a culinary adventure that is both authentically Dutch and yet full of surprises.  The dining rooms are small, the atmosphere relaxed and intimate, décor a pleasing blend of Delft tiles and porcelains, antique furniture, mirrors and brocaded dining room chairs.   And the wait staff genuinely eager to take care of their dinner guests.

Restaurant Greetje - breads  WEBRestaurant Greetje - appetizer WEBOpened in 2005, the restaurant has pleased many diners with its highly creative cuisine that utilizes local, in season ingredients to recreate popular Dutch dishes in a most inventive way.  So best to order one of their tasting menus that offers the opportunity to sample morsels of appetizers that truly tease the taste buds, colors and textures arranged as if they were part of a painter’s palette.  Especially noteworthy are their ‘Hot Lightning’ cookies – a type of potato patty served with a walnut-rum dressing on sweet and sour red cabbage, or perhaps the ruby-red beetroot, pickled, or frittered, or prepared as a curd.

Restaurant Greetje - main dish WEBRestaurant Greetje - dessert WEBFor the main entrée, there are several choices.  We selected the Dutch rib-eye in a red wine sauce with raisins and another special of white asparagus with ham, boiled egg and potatoes, drizzled in clarified butter – a dish that was wholly satisfying yet still left room for the grand finaleIf the appetizers were the painter’s palette, the grand finale of desserts is the chef/ artist’s masterpiece.  No need to choose only one sweet here – how about crème brûlée, and apple crisp, and homemade licorice ice cream to name only a few of the temptations.

 A truly memorable meal in Old Amsterdam.  Now meander again along the canals as the sun sets…Canal View WEB

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