Hotel Bristol Palace – a Genoa Gem

2013c Hotel Bristol Palace - Genoa

View from Hotel Bristol Palace

Hotel Bristol Palace

Via XX Settembre, 35

16100 Genova


The Hotel Bristol Palace is an ideal place to stay in Genova, for the leisure traveler as well as the business traveler.  The pleasures to be found are many – both within the walls of this most attractive palazzo and beyond its entrance on the lively arcaded Via XX Settembre.  The hotel is located right in the heart of historic center in a district where the financial and business life of Genoa unfolds.  Many of the rooms have balconies with views of the neighboring architectural gems, most notably the renowned fountain in Piazza Ferrari and the lovely façade of the Ducal Palace, which was once the seat of the Genovese Republic and official Residence of the Doges.   Covering an area of 26,000 square meters, it is now used for exhibits, concerts, conferences and special events.  On the corner of this grand piazza, one gets a glimpse of the ornate Borsa building, once the city’s stock exchange.  Within walking distance is the Carlo Felice Theater and a fascinating stroll through the narrow medieval streets nearby brings one to the old port and the Aquarium.

Inside the hotel, one is greeted by a reception area that could seem ordinary, until one gazes upward at the ever-spiraling staircase, capped by a stunning stained-glass window that hovers like a jeweled crown.  The guestrooms are positioned around this staircase, and each room is uniquely decorated – high ceilings and tall windows add luminosity and an air of spacious comfort.  The antique furnishings, the fine linens and carpets have been carefully chosen to make a guest feel very much at home forgetting momentarily perhaps that this is a hotel.

The difference between home and hotel shines through in the exquisite dining room where breakfast is served at tables set elegantly and a buffet of choices that go beyond an ordinary breakfast.  It is an indulgence to start one’s day so pampered, but a hearty breakfast is just what one needs to visit the many and varied sights of this vibrant port city.

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